Christiane Hilger

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Principal Investigator Deputy Head of Research Unit Allergology - Immunology - Inflammation Department of Infection and Immunity, Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH)
Dr. Christiane Hilger obtained her Ph.D. in virology at the German Cancer Institute in Heidelberg. Following a short postdoctoral period at the same institute, she joined the Luxembourg Institute of Health. Since 1996 she coordinates the research on the characterization and purification of allergen molecules. The team concentrates on animal allergens from different sources such as meat and animal epithelia. A major research focus has been on the characterization of respiratory allergens from small furry animals such as guinea-pigs, rabbits and hamster. The analysis of those allergens explains existing links between allergy to different animals as well as the link between respiratory symptoms to animal fur and food allergy to meat. Recently the team has initiated research on a new type of food allergy, the syndrome of delayed allergy to red meat which is related to tick bites. Main research interests are the improvement of allergy diagnosis by defining allergenic molecules in the field of allergy to animals, the understanding of mechanisms which trigger allergy and the development of immunotherapy Dr Hilger is member of several international working groups. Recently, she was nominated as a member of the WHO/IUIS Allergen Nomenclature Sub-Committee.