Christiane Hilger

Christiane Hilger, PhD
Senior researcher
Deputy Head of Research Unit Allergology - Immunology - Inflammation
Department of Infection and Immunity, Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH)
The major focus of the research team is the characterization of respiratory allergens from small furry pets such as guinea-pig, rabbit and hamster. The use of single allergens in IgE-diagnosis allows to discriminate between a primary sensitization and cross-reactivity, a first step into personalized diagnosis and treatment. Delayed allergy to red meat is another topic the group is working on.
Recently the team succeeded in identifying and isolating alpha-Gal carrying proteins from pork kidney, a food known for eliciting severe reactions in patients with alpha-gal syndrome.
Main research interests are the improvement of allergy diagnosis by defining allergenic molecules in the field of allergy to animals, the understanding of mechanisms which trigger allergy and the development of immunotherapy.